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Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Scrub your toilet clean

Apply an Elite Clean Natural Products Multipurpose Degreaser and let it sit for up to five minutes before scrubbing with a stiff-bristled toilet brush. Then wipe down the toilet seat and handle. The goal? A sparkling white bowl and germ-free toilet seat.


Restore your shower pressure

Unclog your shower head by mixing equal parts Elite Clean Natural Products Glass Cleaner and water, then pour into a plastic bag. Tie the bag around the showerhead to immerse the holes in the solution and secure with a twist tie. Let it soak for up to an hour, then remove and wipe away the loosened deposits.


Freshen the shower curtain

To banish moldy spots, throw plastic or vinyl curtains in the washing machine with a little Elite Clean Natural Products Multipurpose Degreaser. Add two to three bath towels for extra cleaning agitation, then hang it to dry or put in the dryer on low heat or fluff only. To keep it fresher longer, stretch the curtain out after each shower to help moisture dissipate.

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