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Elite Clean Natural Products was birth from the vision of our CEO Demi Miller. Demi has hands-on knowledge of cleaning and cleaning products due to her 9- year tenure as the owner and operator of a commercial cleaning service which provided residential and facility care in New Orleans, LA. Demi’s vision for a sustainable cleaning product came about after years of suffering from allergies and chronic sinus infections which sparked her interest in products that would be viable, and not harmful to the body with proper usage.  Her knowledge of property care and preservation is also attributed to her experience as a Property Manager, Realtor, and Real Estate Investor. Demi wanted to expand her reach in the community by providing products that would not only clean but were natural, kill germs, smells great, and world friendly. After speaking with different manufacturers Demi realized that she wanted a say so in her products, she searched and prayed to find a chemist that would understand her vision and allow her options, and accept her opinions on product development.


Then along came Robyn Smith, a new college graduate and science professional who rubbed elbows with Demi at a local networking event. As an ambitious chemist, Robyn saw an opportunity to be mentored by an equally ambitious woman to create something innovative and eco‐friendly. At that point, The Pretty Chemist came to life and began working to develop formulas for the Elite Clean Natural Product line. With the support of one another, Demi and Robyn came together to create natural, safe, environmentally friendly, and amazingly scented cleaning products. Formulation, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and sales are all done in house by these 2 beautiful, intelligent, creative, and determined women.


"As a team, we have developed products that allow our customers an elite, healthy cleaning experience at an affordable price."

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